Ward map.png

Every Precinct of Every Ward
Ann Arbor - Summer Break 2021

An A2ELNEL Adventure


Day 1: June 16th
Distance: 9.19 miles
Time: 2hr 40min

I got the idea to walk to all five wards of Ann Arbor in one day. The Wards are shaped like pie wedges and they all point into the middle of the City, so it should just be a simple loop, right? I decided to walk CLOCKWISE around, visiting the wards in this order: 4-5-1-2-3. On my way, studying maps and noticing precincts it occurred to me: could I actually walk to all the *precincts* within each Ward?


Day 2: June 18th
Distance: 11.22 miles
Time: 3hr 30min

That first walk wasn't too bad, so I decided to visit all five wards again, this time looping the reverse direction: 4-3-2-1-5. I planned a different route to hit a few more precincts, which made my route longer. On this day, I discovered a super sneaky shortcut between Busch's on S. Main and State Street.


Day 3: June 20th
Distance: 10.06 miles
Time: 3hr 25min

This was my last walk covering all five wards. I realized that the precincts would only get further and further away from downtown -- my simple "loop" would eventually be too big and unwieldy. On this day, I delivered strawberry jam to donors and saw the last gasp of the Peony Gardens at the Arb.


Day 4: June 26th
Distance: 13.0 miles
Time: 4hr

I covered a whole lot of precincts in Wards 4 and 5, near where I live. (Mapping this route on the west side, I also noticed how FAR AWAY many Ward 2 and Ward 1 precincts would be!) The walk was very long and I had to stop for refreshments at Big City Small World Bakery (very tasty).


Day 5: June 27th
Distance: 9.42 miles
Time: 3hrs

I biked to the Center of the City downtown for a more reasonable starting point to walk Ward 2. I did not think that anything could be hillier than Ward 5, but parts of Ward 2 (especially North Campus) were a HIKE! The clouds were heavy on this day and I worried I might get caught in rain (I did not)


Day 6: June 28th
Distance: 11.42 miles
Time: 3hr 35min

No biking head start necessary to walk Ward 3! The only precincts left to cover were south and east of where I live. I got a little turned around in the County Farm Park but found two different routes to cross over 94 and get back. Find of the day: the house number incorporated into an antique GAS PUMP! (see picture. It's on Verle)


Day 7: June 30th
Distance: 4.63 miles
Time: 1hr 27min

In reviewing photos and tracking progress, I noticed that my ONLY picture of Ward 5, precinct 10 was a rather hideous shot of the crumbled up road at the water main break. That seemed like almost an insult to the whole precinct! I didn't have time for a long walk, but it was an excuse to bring strawberry jam to friends in Ward 5.


Day 8: July 1st
Distance: 13.0 miles
Time: 5hrs

I biked to the Center of the City to start this walk in Ward 1. Ward 1 is HILLY, especially precinct 8! On this day, I walked over the dam and a nice lady showed me how many fish she had caught. Precinct 5 has all the fun water features: the dam, the cascades, Argo livery. At the end of my walk I saw GOATS in Broadway Park!