Sidewalk Gap Prioritization

In November 2020, voters approved a new millage ("TAX FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF NEW SIDEWALKS") to fund construction of sidewalk gap filling projects, with expected revenues of $1.3 million/year. Ballot Language: Resolution of Intent: At the Jan 11, 2021 Council work session, the first agenda topic was "New Sidewalk Prioritization" Link to Jan 11, 2021 Council work session agenda: Link to "New Sidewalk Prioritization" agenda topic: As discussed in the presentation, Ann Arbor currently has 436 miles of existing public sidewalk, with an additional 144 miles of sidewalk gaps (where a gap is defined by "all locations in the public right of way adjacent to a street that lack sidewalks"). Revenue from the new sidewalk millage is expected to be $1.3 million/year, and City staff have established a ranking system to prioritize sidewalk gap projects. The City has put together an interactive "dashboard" to view existing sidewalk gaps, and the ranking/prioritization: The dashboard shows that 1.28 miles of sidewalk gaps are scheduled to be filled in 2021. The presentation gives a list of expected sidewalk gap projects planned for 2021 and 2020: 2021 Sidewalk Gap planned projects Barton Dr. Boardwalk Jackson Ave. Manchester Dr. Scio Church Rd. Stimson St. Yost & Eli 2022 Sidewalk Gap planned projects Arborview Blvd. Argo Dr. Broadway St. Ellsworth Rd. John A. Woods Dr. Newport & Sunset Nixon & Traver

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