Hoover/Greene/Hill Project Update Sept 30th

The following update was emailed on Sept 30, 2019 by Chris Wall, Project Manager for the City of Ann Arbor. For any questions or concerns with this project (or to be added to his email list of construction updates), he can be contacted at 734-794-6410 ext 43661 or by email at cwall@a2gov.org The following work by the contractor is planned for this week (which could change based on construction progress/weather): Utility and road work on Hill Street between Brown Street and Fifth Avenue. Road work on Greene Street between Davis Street and Hill Street. Additional restoration work on sidewalks along Hoover between Greene and Main. Also, we were notified of a leak in the existing water main in Hill Street near the intersection at Greene Street today. Therefore, an emergency water main shutdown will occur Tuesday that we wanted to notify the subscribers on. We apologize for the short notice and disruption. The area of shutdown is as follows: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1ST FROM 7AM TO 5PM: Hill Street - an emergency water main shutdown has been scheduled to repair the existing water main near the intersection of Hill Street and Greene Street. This shutdown will impact the same buildings/properties on Hill Street between Brown and Fifth as the prior shutdown on Sept 19th (thus no water service impacts on Greene). Each impacted building received an orange door hanger notification today. Both City and contractor forces will be working together to perform the repairs and to minimize this disruption. We do want to reiterate the orange door hanger message recommending that you run the cold water faucets for several minutes to clear the water after each shutdown. Additional information about the Hoover, Greene, & Hill Improvement project is also available at a2gov.org/HooverGreeneHill I previously posted about this project here: https://www.a2elnel.com/post/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-sept-2nd https://www.a2elnel.com/post/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-aug-26th https://www.a2elnel.com/post/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-aug-12th https://www.a2elnel.com/post/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-aug-5th https://www.a2elnel.com/post/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-july-8th-includes-water-main-shutdowns-july-11-12 https://www.a2elnel.com/post/hoover-ave-traffic-control-plan-june-12th-to-july-26th https://www.a2elnel.com/post/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-june-10th-includes-water-main-shutdowns https://www.a2elnel.com/blog/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-june-3rd https://www.a2elnel.com/blog/hoover-greene-hill-project-update-may-28th https://www.a2elnel.com/blog/traffic-control-plan-may-6th-30th-on-hoover-ave https://www.a2elnel.com/blog/hoover-greene-hill-construction-begins-may-6th

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