April 25th meeting for Seventh/Scio Church and Seventh/Stadium intersections

The City of Ann Arbor will hold a public information session to share the results of the March 2019 public engagement and to review plans and next steps for the following intersections: Seventh St/Scio Church Rd - Curb bump outs Seventh St/Stadium Blvd - Buffered bike lane and removal of dedicated right turn lane Thursday, April 25, 2019 (6:00 - 7:30 PM) Dicken Element​ary School (Media Center) 2135 Runnymede Blvd The information session will be held as an open house. Staff will be available to answer questions. You may also visit a2gov.org/seventh and a2gov.org/scio to view the engagement results, plans and next steps that will be shared at the information session. Questions and comments may be directed to Raymond Hess at RHess@a2gov.org or 734.794-6410 ext. 43675. I posted about the previous public meeting in March here: https://www.a2elnel.com/blog/mar-13th-workshop-for-seventh-scio-church-and-seventh-stadium-intersections And I posted about the public survey here: https://www.a2elnel.com/blog/online-survey-for-seventh-scio-church-and-seventh-stadium-intersections

Elizabeth NELSON

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