A2Zero Planning Phase 3 Kicks Off with Survey Launch

The following was released by the City on February 25, 2020 https://www.a2gov.org/news/pages/article.aspx?i=661 The City of Ann Arbor and its partner organizations are moving into the third and final phase of the A2Zero planning initiative. While the previous phases of A2Zero planning focused on gathering ideas and prioritizing the recommended actions, ​this final stage will explore how the entire community can fully implement the actions needed to become carbon neutral by 2030. Public feedback is again being sought via an online survey, now available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/​r/V7DT23S​ In addition to two previous public surveys, the A2Zero initiative has hosted dozens of events; launched technical advisory committees on issues related to energy, mobility, resource reduction and adaptation; and launched a website that includes numerous opportunities for public engagement and input. In November 2019, Ann Arbor City Council passed a climate emergency declaration and tasked the city with creating a plan for how the entire Ann Arbor community could be carbon neutral by 2030. In response, the city and its partner organizations launched A2Zero to support a just transition to community-wide carbon neutrality. To learn more, to share feedback or to get involved, please see www.a2zero.org I posted previously about the City's Carbon Neutrality Initiative here: https://www.a2elnel.com/post/ann-arbor-launches-new-carbon-neutrality-initiative

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