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Thanksgiving 2021 Quiz

This year, I am enjoying a quiet holiday weekend with my immediate family. Below is a puzzle for all you WARD 4 SUPERFANS out there looking for something to distract you on this long lovely weekend!

My message below is composed of forty-one characters, taken from forty-one different locations in Ward 4! Can you guess where they came from?

I have made a downloadable PDF of my quiz, with blanks you can fill out.

Download PDF • 6.83MB

The answers will be posted here Sunday (Nov 28th) at noon!

PS: If you would like some hints, there are...

10 places on Packard

7 places on Industrial

5 places on State

5 places on S. Main

5 apartment communities

3 University facilities

3 grocery stores

2 marijuana dispensaries

2 Ann Arbor Public Schools

2 places to get a haircut

2 gas stations

1 fraternity

1 hotel

1 church

1 city park

...and 6 places that are NEW to Ward 4!

See the new boundaries of Ward 4 here: https://youtu.be/10QX-qnvU5M

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Update Sunday November 28th: Scroll down for the answers!

H - Hofmann’s Furniture

A - Argus Farm Stop

P - Pioneer High School

P - The Produce Station

Y - York

T - The Salvation Army

H - Shar Music

A - Alpha Delta Theta

N - Benny’s Family Dining

K - Circle K gas station

S - Busch’s Food Market

G - The George

I - Michigan Stadium

V - Revel & Roll

I - SkyMint

N - CTN studios

G - Great Clips

W - Lawton Elementary

A - eat

R - Cottage Inn Pizza Restaurant

D - Diesel Coffee

F - First Congregationalist Church

O - Roos Roast

U - Michigan Union

R - Mr. Stadium

A - Clark gas station

N - Neo Papalis

N - Pheasant Run Apartment Homes

A - The Yard

R - Red Roof Inn

B - Buy the Pound

O - Arborside

R - Spruce Knob Apartment Homes

M - Oz Music

I - Pet Supplies Plus

C - Crisler Center

H - Ivanhoe Apartment Homes

I - Relax Station Massage Therapy

G - Allmendinger Park

A - Orange Theory Fitness

N - Campus Barber & Beauty Salon