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Statement about Tom Crawford at August 2, 2021 Council Meeting

I made the following statement about City Administrator Tom Crawford at last night's City Council meeting (August 2, 2021) during discussion of DC-6 (Resolution to Adopt Separation Agreement with Mr. Crawford)


I appreciate that these terms were negotiated. I think we are treating him abominably, but I appreciate that they were negotiated by attorneys.

We are saying goodbye to a city administrator who worked to preserve and increase the diversity of our organization. We are hiring a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer because of Mr. Crawford’s leadership. We have increased the diversity of our upper level management due to Mr. Crawford.

I am grateful for how Mr Crawford has worked to support our police chief when his leadership was targeted. I am grateful for how Mr. Crawford has supported our Independent Community Police Oversight commission— he has recognized the importance of that commission’s independence. Mr Crawford has used his position to make a positive difference within our organization and in our city.

I am sorry to say goodbye to a work colleague who has consistently listened to my point of view, offered alternative perspectives to help my own understanding, and encouraged all of us to respect each other. As a woman, I have particularly appreciated being treated as an equal and a peer during the time that Mr. Crawford has been city administrator.

This is a sad day for our community and an enormous loss to our organization.