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Sign Ordinance Update Survey open until Feb 28th (One/Two Family Residential Properties)

The following was released by the City on Feb 13, 2020:

The City of Ann Arbor Planning Commission is considering amendments to the City’s sign requirements.  For the current version of proposed changes, or more information, please visit the Sign Ordinance Update webpage:

https://www.a2gov.org/departments/planning/Pages/Sign%20Ordinance%20Update.aspx After review, the City Planning Commission is specifically seeking feedback from the community on permanent wall signs for one and two-family residential properties. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us on whether or not such signs should be permitted, their size, and locational requirements. When completed, please feel free to share this survey with friends and family who might be interested in contributing. The City of Ann Arbor Sign Ordinance Survey will be available until Friday, February 28, 2020.  To share feedback or ask questions, contact the City of Ann Arbor Planning Department at planning@a2gov.org

Link to the City of Ann Arbor Sign Ordinance Survey:


For reference, the following image was copied from the survey: