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Scio Church Service Drive Traffic Calming Meetings (DATE UPDATE)

Feb 27 Update: The date of the second meeting has been changed to Mar 21. The City has notified local residents, and I have updated my post below, along with results of the questionnaire.

Feb 14 Update: The meeting scheduled for Feb 21 has been moved to Dicken Elementary School. Updated postcards from the City were delivered today to affected residents. I have updated my post below to reflect the new information

Residents along Scio Church Service Drive (S. Seventh St. to Chaucer) submitted a petition for the Traffic Calming Program on October 16, 2017. A speed study was conducted and the project area qualified to be placed in queue for the Traffic Calming Program.

The Scio Church Service Drive project area is now moving forward in the Traffic Calming Program, and two meetings are scheduled:

Meeting #1 (Orientation)

Thursday February 21 (6:15-8:15 PM)

Dicken Elementary School - Multipurpose Room

2135 Runnymede Blvd

This orientation will include an overview of the Program and discussion of areas of concern and opportunity.

UPDATE: Download the results of the resident questionnaire here:


Meeting #2 (On-Site)

Thursday March 21 (5:30 - 6:30 PM)

Starting in front of 2021 S Seventh St

This on-site walking meeting will include review and discussion of proposed traffic calming devices and locations.

Additional information is available at a2gov.org/trafficcalming.   The resident-initiated Traffic Calming Program will evaluate opportunities for traffic calming devices on the Scio Church Service Drive, only.

I have written more about the resident requested traffic calming program here:


NOTE:  As a separate matter, staff will plan an additional neighborhood meeting regarding concerns raised about the intersections of Seventh and Scio Church and of Seventh and Stadium.  More information will be provided on that item at a later date.

UPDATE: This is the postcard delivered to affected residents showing the new date for the second meeting.

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