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Resident Requested Traffic Calming Studies

I attended a meeting last week to learn about traffic calming strategies around a block of the Scio Church Service Road.  This stretch is between Chaucer and Seventh, where nine houses are set back from the main road of Scio Church (behind a narrow berm).  Residents have experienced inappropriate traffic from drivers attempting to 'shortcut' delays on Scio Church Road and so they requested traffic calming measures.  At last week's meeting, City staff met with residents to discuss various options for intervention, present staff's recommendation, and collect feedback from the community. See my post about the meetings here:


Did you know that you can request traffic calming measures on your street from the city of Ann Arbor?  City Council approved new traffic calming policies on November 19, 2018, with an emphasis on community-driven requests.  Any resident can make a request, which will trigger a city survey of both traffic conditions and community support for intervention. 

To learn more about the City's traffic calming program, visit:


Note: City website link updated Sept 6, 2020

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