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Meeting on Proposed TC1 Rezoning of S. State/Eisenhower Nov 9, 2021 7PM

This is a meeting to share information and collect feedback on a proposed rezoning of the South State/Eisenhower Parkway area to Transit Corridor District (TC1).

Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 7:00PM

Zoom meeting

Zoom link: https://a2gov.zoom.us/j/97766341226?pwd=akdzTVllcnBBaGJNSlZJdFpDdGUrdz09 and enter passcode: 882 985

Audio Only: Call Toll Free 877-853-5247 or 888-788-0099 and enter Webinar ID: 977 6634 1226

The area proposed for TC1 re-zoning is below:

City staff and the Planning Commission's Ordinance Revisions Committee identified these 69 parcels as eligible for the newly created TC1 zoning:


The TC1 zoning is intended to facilitate, encourage, and support redevelopment and infill development to realize mixed use projects and achieve affordable housing, enable more housing choices, more sustainable forms of development, with reduced resource and energy needs. This zoning district will require that buildings be at least two stories, permit unlimited density, set maximum (rather than minimum) parking requirements, set height limits and reduce setbacks near pre-existing residential areas, and implement as yet undetermined requirements or incentives for sustainability, affordability, and public open space.

For more information, visit the City's website:


If you have any questions, contact Alexis DiLeo, City Planner, by email adileo@a2gov.org, or voicemail 734-794-6000 x 42610.


The following postcard was sent to all owners, residents, and tenants of the parcels inside and extending 1,000 feet from the area evaluated for rezoning to TC1 (Transit Corridor) district in the area of State & Eisenhower