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MDOT Survey for I-94 between Ann Arbor-Saline Road and US-23

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has an online survey about the design alternatives being proposed on I-94 between Ann Arbor-Saline Road and US-23 in Ann Arbor:


More information about this project (including reports in PDF format) can be found here:


From the MDOT website:

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is studying alternatives to improving traffic operations and mobility between the section of I-94 between Ann Arbor-Saline Road and US-23 in Ann Arbor. MDOT is analyzing operational alternatives that will help improve travel time reliability and improve mobility along I-94 between Ann Arbor-Saline Road and US-23. This is a heavily used commuter and freight corridor of regional and national significance. I-94 in this area carries high directional volumes during peak periods, resulting in heavy congestion during morning and evening commuter rush hours as the roadway capacity has not kept pace with the growing traffic demand. 

Due to limited funding and corridor constraints, MDOT is seeking to develop concepts that optimally use the existing roadway footprint as much as possible to meet corridor performance needs and objectives in a process called Performance Based Practical Design.

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