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Maywood Storm Sewer and Water Main Upgrade Project (Jun-Aug 2019)

Copied below is a letter that that was mailed to residents directly adjacent to the Maywood Storm Sewer and Water Main Upgrades project. Construction is currently scheduled to begin in early June and be completed by mid-August.

For convenience, I have copied the text from the scan of the letter below, and embedded the web address links.


May 1, 2019

Re: Maywood Avenue Utility Improvement Project

Informational Letter - File No. 2018-025

Dear Homeowner and/or Current Resident:

The above referenced project is scheduled to occur this construction season. This project was placed in the capital improvement plan due to infrastructure improvement needs; both the storm sewer and water main on Maywood Avenue will be upgraded. The limits of this project are primarily Maywood Avenue, with a small area of Avondale also impacted due to the extent of the required water main upgrades. Both the water main and storm sewer upgrades will occur within the roadway, and all of Maywood Avenue and a small portion of Avondale will be resurfaced at the end of the project. Attached to this correspondence is a map showing the anticipated limits of this project. According to our current schedule, we are planning to begin work sometime in early June and complete it by mid August.

If you are receiving this notification, your property is directly adjacent to the proposed construction, and improvements are scheduled in the road right-of-way in front of your residence. These improvements will include new water main, connection of your existing water lead to the new water main, new storm sewer in the roadway along most of Maywood Avenue, and concrete restoration (curb, driveway approach, sidewalk) as necessary to accommodate the required water main and storm sewer upgrades.

NO PARKING signs will be posted on the street during construction. Local access for vehicular traffic will be maintained throughout construction, except for during repaving of the road. In addition, access to individual driveways may be disturbed for small durations when the utility construction work is in the immediate vicinity of the driveway. You will receive additional notification from me prior to construction starting and during construction you will have an opportunity to sign up for electronic construction status updates from me.

Private Sanitary Sewer Considerations:

Repair and replacement of sanitary sewer leads up to the sewer main is the responsibility of the property owner. The sewer main is located under the paved road surface, and typically restoration of the road surface is the homeowners responsibility when replacing their private sanitary sewer lead. If your sanitary lead requires any upgrades, coordinating this work to have it done during the project and prior to paving will likely be less expensive, due to the fact that your contractor will not have to patch the street after they are done. Also, permit fees for making cuts into newly repaved streets are more expensive than for older streets. Therefore, we recommend that you get your sanitary sewer lead televised and inspected, which will help you to determine if you will need to replace your sanitary sewer lead in the near future. If replacement is needed, coordinating this work to be completed before repaving this year may result in cost savings to you.

It should also be noted, that due to the varying ages the homes were built along Maywood, that some of the sanitary sewer leads in your neighborhood were originally constructed with "Orangeburg" sewer piping. Orangeburg piping is made of a combination of cellulose and asbestos fibers impregnated with a bituminous (coal tar) compound, and was occasionally used by developers in the Ann Arbor area between the 1940s and the 1970s. Experience over time has demonstrated that, on average, Orangeburg piping has been prone to failure much earlier than other types of piping materials. However, having Orangeburg piping does not necessarily mean that you will have problems with your sanitary sewer lead in the near future.

More information on Orangeburg piping can be found on the website below, which can also be found by going to the City of Ann Arbor website at www.a2gov.org and typing Orangeburg into the Search Bar on the upper right corner of the homepage


You will receive additional notification from me prior to construction starting and during construction there will be an opportunity to sign up for electronic construction status updates from me. Questions and responses should be directed to Tesha Humphriss at 734-794-6410 ext. 43672, or at thumphriss@a2gov.org. On behalf of the project team, we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation with this project.


Engineering Department

Tesha Humphriss, P.E.

Project Manager


Copied below are scans of the original letter