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Greenbelt Advisory Commission public engagement session Sept 5th

The Greenbelt Advisory Commission (GAC) is leading the 2019 review of the program's strategic plan​, with opportunities for the community to provide input. Six public engagement sessions have been scheduled between July and October 2019 - with the third session scheduled for Sept 5th.

Thursday, Sept 5, 2019 (4:30–7:00 PM)

City Hall 2nd Floor (Council chambers)

301 E. Huron St

Ann Arbor

Originally drafted in 2006, and reviewed in 2013 (link to PDF hosted on City website), the strategic plan guides the GAC’s overall priorities. The strategic plan emphasizes a commitment to building vibrant blocks of farmland within priority areas, preserving land along the Huron River and leveraging funds from partner organizations.​​

Individual commissioners will be present for these meetings to receive and record public input. For more information about the Greenbelt program, visit www.a2gov.org/greenbelt


I posted a list of all scheduled public engagement sessions here: