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Downtown "Healthy Streets" Closures Every Weekend Through Aug 23 2020

At the June 1, 2020 meeting, Council passed DC-2 (Resolution 20-0779) "Resolution to Approve Downtown Street Closures for Restaurant and Retail Use During the Time of Mandated Physical Distancing"


Beginning June 12, 2020, the following downtown streets will be closed every Friday at 2 PM until Sunday at 8 PM 

  • Main Street from William Street to Liberty Street.

  • Main Street from Liberty Street to Washington Street.

  • Washington Street​ from South Ashley to Main Street.

  • East Liberty Street from Thompson Street to South State Street. 

  • South State Street from East Washington Street to East William Street.

The following downtown streets will added to the list of weekend closures on Friday, June 19, 2020:

  • Church Street from South University to Willard Street.

  • Detroit Street from East Kingsley Avenue to North Fifth Avenue.​

  • Forest Street alley. ​

Additionally - Maynard Street from East Liberty Street to East William Street has been closed 7 days a week as part of these closures.

All street closures are scheduled to run through Sunday, Aug 23rd