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City Council Voting Chart for May 3, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order, this Council meeting was held electronically via Zoom teleconferencing


It takes a couple weeks for City Council meeting minutes to be officially approved, and I know some of you are curious to know how we vote on the issues that matter to you.  In case you are not able to invest over six hours in watching it live or online, below is a chart illustrating how members voted on each issue at our most recent meeting on May 3, 2021. To find more information about any of the ordinances/resolutions listed in this chart, you can refer to Legistar:


Draft meeting minutes will be posted at that same link, generally within several days of the meeting. The official meeting minutes will also eventually be found at that same link, once approved by Council.

A video recording of the City Council meeting is posted to CTN's YouTube page at


May 4, 2021 10:30am

NOTE: During discussion of DC-5 Ethics Rule 12, a motion "calling the question" was moved, which is described in City Council Rule 10. From "Rules of the Council and Pertinent Charter Provisions" last approved on Feb 1, 2021:

A motion to call the previous question (call for cloture) is in order after thirty (30) minutes of discussion on the question. Upon a motion to call the previous question, all discussion is ended, provided that each member who has not yet held the floor will have an opportunity to do so. A motion to call the previous question shall require a concurring vote of 3/4 of the members present.

Council Rules (1 Feb 2021)
Download PDF • 761KB

Note that a "concurring vote of 3/4 of the member present" means with 11 Council Members present, 9 votes are required (3/4 of 11 is 8.25, which is rounded up to 9 votes).

When the motion "calling the question" was raised for DC-5 at this meeting, all Council Members who had not yet spoken were given the opportunity to speak and then a vote was called. This motion only received 8 affirmative votes, yet was declared approved.

I have marked this motion as "Defeated (8-3)", and have sent questions to staff for clarification. I will update this post as needed.

May 14th 11:30am

Council Meeting minutes for May 3, 2021 have the following note for DC-5 Rule 12 "Call the Question":

*It was later noted that the vote to Call the Question should have been declared defeated on an 8-3 vote, with Rule 10 requiring an affirmative vote of 3/4 of the members present (9 Votes) to pass this motion. This distinction was not noted at the time and the motion to Call the Question was declared approved.

For this item, I have removed the word "Defeated" and added "see note below" to refer to these notes. I also corrected a vote reporting error in DC-5 Rule 13.