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Churchill Downs Park Stormwater Basin Walkthrough April 12 2022

The following was emailed March 30, 2022 by Harry Sheehan, Chief Deputy of Washtenaw County Water Resources.

Dear Churchill Park Neighbors,

We have approvals in hand, a contractor with a reasonable bid, and are ready to begin construction of this flood control basin at Churchill Park. Construction will begin in a few weeks. First will come clearing and prep work, followed shortly thereafter by excavation and earthwork. We expect this project to last all construction season – perhaps into November. Due to the current supply issues, concrete product manufacturing will take more time than usual. There may be pauses in the work.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will have our pre-construction site walkthrough on Tuesday, April 12 from 5:30-6:30, weather dependent. You are invited to attend to hear about the schedule, construction phasing, park impacts, work near property lines, stream relocation and the relandscaping plan. We’ll leave most of the time for Q&A. We’ll meet at the park entrance on Steeplechase. Please join us! Let me know if you need any accommodations to attend this meeting. We’ll do our best to improve accessibility.

I appreciate your patience with this project as it will disrupt your day to day activities. But it will substantially improve flood protection.

Harry Sheehan

Chief Deputy of Washtenaw County Water Resources



For more information, this is the City page for Churchill Downs park:


This is the Washtenaw County's website page with more information about the stormwater basin project : https://www.washtenaw.org/3237/Churchill-Downs-Park-Stormwater-Basin

For questions, please contact Harry Sheehan, Chief Deputy Water Resources Commissioner for Washtenaw County (sheehanh@washtenaw.org)

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