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Ann Arbor Community Commons F.A.N. Event Sunday Oct 3, 2021 (2-6PM)

The Ann Arbor Community Commons (A2C2) will be hosting a F.A.N. event (Fun, Art, Nutrition) on Sunday Oct 3rd, 2021 from 2:00 to 6:00 PM downtown at the Central Park Commons (Library Lane and 5th Avenue)

For more information and a schedule of events:


From the website:

There will be some Terrific Acts and Activities!

  • Magic Show - Our Own Nationally Famous Kip Barry’s Magic Show and Cabaret Performance.

  • Art Features - Art Stuff For Kids & Adults with Local Artists-Including Our Own TreeTown Murals.

  • Connection - Personal Astrology Readings with Spiritual Guide Bonnie Pearce.

  • Local Vendors - Local Vendor for Food, Arts, and Jewelry.

  • Games and Interaction - Games and Opportunities to Interact With People in a Safe and Fun Setting.

  • Music - Well known Local Soul Songstress Stacey Murray performs.

There will also be Non-Profits for you to talk about!

Part of bringing together the Commons is engaging the citizens to converse about the issues pressing on the Ann Arbor Community!

  • Community Discussions - What You Want in a City Center Park and Commons.

  • Local Issues - Community Finance and Sustainability.