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Additional Thoughts (Nov 18, 2018) - Sustainability and Innovations Funding

The following was originally published in my Nov 18, 2018 Newsletter in the "Additional Thoughts" section


Additional thoughts

I have received about a hundred emails regarding the budget amendment for the Office of Sustainability and Innovations, i.e. climate change action. (Two-thirds of these emails came from out of state!) This past week, I have had the benefit of multiple conversations with local advocates for this funding, as well as orientation from the head of our Sustainability and Innovations department. I also understand that the two amendments proposed are actually additional funding, outside of the annual budget previously allocated (which is why they require eight votes from Council). Another consideration for me: City Council is meeting in the next month to plan future budget allocations for the coming fiscal year. I am hopeful about tomorrow’s discussion reaching consensus on the issue, but this is not the final verdict on funding for climate change action or our city’s commitment to addressing it.