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Additional Thoughts (Apr 17, 2021) - Affordable Housing

The following was originally published in my Apr 17, 2021 Newsletter in the "Additional Thoughts" section.


Three Consent Agenda items move us forward in developing affordable housing projects at the following City-owned properties:

  • CA-3 721 N. Main

  • CA-4 353 S. Main

  • CA-5 1510 E. Stadium

CA-3 (21-0610) Resolution to Direct the Ann Arbor Housing Commission, and Its Affiliated Legal Entities, to Complete Due Diligence to Enable Rezoning and Land Division of 721 N Main to Develop Affordable Housing on the W Summit Portion of the Property

CA-4 (21-0647) Resolution to Direct the Ann Arbor Housing Commission, and its Affiliated Legal Entities, to Develop 353 S Main as Affordable Housing

CA-5 (21-0648) Resolution to Direct the Ann Arbor Housing Commission, and its Affiliated Legal Entities, to Develop 1510 E Stadium as Affordable Housing

These projects are a result of the resolution approved by a majority of Council in 2019, asking our City staff to assess ten under-utilized City-owned properties for development as affordable housing. In 2019 - in response to a resolution identifying two City-owned parcels - a majority of Council asked for a comprehensive analysis of all under-utilized City properties (NOTE: that analysis revealed that the two parcels identified in the original resolution were not ideal). I am particularly proud of CA-5 (1510 E. Stadium) because in 2019, we had to push back on suggestions that the parcel simply be sold for revenue.

We have funding for these affordable housing plans because in 2020, the previous Council approved a ballot proposal for an Affordable Housing Millage (I was a cosponsor). The Washington Post wrote about it here:


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