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A2ZERO Ambassador application survey (Program starts Nov 18th)

The City of Ann Arbor is launching the A2ZERO Ambassador program this fall. This 9-week training program will provide insights, connections, collaboration opportunities, and information for individuals interested in helping the community achieve our goal of a just transition to community-wide carbon neutrality by 2030. Roughly 15-20 individuals will be selected to participate in our first Ambassador cohort.

No sustainability or climate experience needed. All are welcome to apply! The first event of the ambassadors is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 18.

To apply, please fill out the survey here:


If you have any questions about this application, please contact Galen Hardy at ghardy@a2gov.org.

Course Outline:

Each of the 9 weeks will cover a unique topic related to individual and local sustainability:

  1. Equity and environmental justice training

  2. Introduction to sustainability, climate change, climate action

  3. Energy efficiency, energy electrification and renewable energy

  4. Water efficiency, water quality, stormwater, and our watershed

  5. Transportation and our choices about moving around our community

  6. How to get to a circular economy: waste reduction, composting, recycling, sustainable purchasing, and material reuse

  7. Local food: how to grow it, eat it, and find it

  8. Personal and community resilience and emergency preparedness

  9. Tying it all together: A2ZERO and You

More information about the A2ZERO Ambassador program is available here:


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