We must invest in sufficient lighting for visibility and consistent signaling to drivers for clearer understanding of our pedestrian crosswalks. We should take a practical approach to meeting the needs of cyclists.


Our current crosswalks are inadequate and ineffective in preventing deaths because there is no standard; most of our crosswalks have poor lighting for pedestrians and weak signals to drivers.


The current ordinance puts pedestrians in danger because it relies so heavily on public awareness. Localized and temporary enforcement cannot address compliance everywhere. Bus stops near crosswalks add to confusion among drivers trying to follow the ordinance. Public education campaigns will never be effective in controlling the driving habits of the many visitors and temporary residents of our town. Clear, consistent signaling and truly adequate lighting are what will prevent pedestrian deaths.

I support more thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of our bike lane infrastructure. Our bike lanes should be strategically located and designed to promote maximum accessibility and safety. As a cyclist, I’m interested in practical solutions. Too many bike lanes have been created by painting a line too close to the edge of a crumbling road.

Elizabeth NELSON

DEMOCRAT for Ann Arbor City Council Ward 4

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