City policy should better reflect our environmental values: encouraging sustainable practices and taking action to protect our water supply and our green spaces.


Ann Arbor should be a leader in promoting policies that encourage sustainable practices like solar energy and electric vehicles. We should update our fleet of city vehicles to electric-powered and maintain more plug-in outlets at our public parking structures.

As the Dioxane Plume spreads closer to our source of fresh water, we must enlist all the help available, including the federal EPA. We will need state and federal help to address the PFAS crisis; we must continue investments in filtering systems. Our city should be diligent in both monitoring and measuring the dioxane and PFAS threats to our water supply.

We should be preserving and maintaining the tree canopy in our city neighborhoods and green spaces, not converting parklands to other public uses. Increasing impermeable surfaces in the city will add to pollutant runoff into the Huron River and make Ward 4 stormwater flooding issues worse.

Elizabeth NELSON

DEMOCRAT for Ann Arbor City Council Ward 4

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