Socio-economic diversity in our town is not just a community goal, it is an asset.

Increasing our supply of housing with an explosion of million dollar condos and luxury student apartments is not helping.

Conversations about affordability must address both the challenges of people who would like to live here and the struggles of people who already live here. Housing costs are a huge barrier to middle and low income people finding a place in our community. Older homeowners on fixed incomes see their city bills increasing while services decline. More taxes and more millages worsen the problem for current residents.

Both of these issues must be addressed if we are committed to increasing affordability.

Comprehensive and intentional planning for a range of housing price-points must be part of the solution. The Ann Arbor Housing Commission is underfunded and we are not doing enough to negotiate public benefits from developers. 

Elizabeth NELSON

DEMOCRAT for Ann Arbor City Council Ward 4

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