Since my election in 2018, I have worked hard to engage residents in our decision-making, hear your concerns, and advocate for the issues that matter. I have sponsored and promoted policies in support of equity, affordable housing, sustainability, and our local neighborhoods. 

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Endorsement from University of Michigan Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO)


Nelson has worked closely with GEO in support of the Early Leasing Ordinance (ELO). Experience has shown us that she is a rare, solid ally for GEO and Ann Arbor's renters. Nelson is facing a stiff primary challenge from a well-funded opponent. She is a real asset on Council and needs our support to stay there!

She is willing to stick her neck out on issues that she knows will make her unpopular with the powers that be. When other Council Members caved to pressure and watered down the short-term rental (Airbnb) ban, Nelson stood her ground.Some of our very own members have been evicted from their apartments to make room for Airbnbs. Nelson has their back.

Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) endorsement, June 2022 

I've lived in the Fourth Ward for more than 20 years and I have never had a Council person who is more responsive than Elizabeth Nelson. Thanks to her incredible weekly email I am more informed on local issues and issues of importance to our community than I think I have ever been in all my years of living in Ann Arbor.

Elizabeth asks questions, she promotes debate. She makes sure that her constituents are aware of what's happening in this City: why it matters, the complexity of what's happening. I'm so grateful for the way that she keeps us informed about what's happening in Ann Arbor. 

I've always been so delighted when Elizabeth turns up in our driveway in her incredible inimitable bicycle, wanting to know how we're doing, what concerns we have, how she can serve us best in this community.
Leslie Stainton

I live in Ward 4 and I am so grateful to have Elizabeth as our Council rep, and looking forward to having her on for another term. When it comes to accountability, transparency, and really making an effort to engage all the people in our community - and keeping us updated with what's happening - and then soliciting our input for what we want to see her and our other Council reps do - she is by far the best person! I'm looking forward to her serving another term for us.

Rod Satterwhite

I have worked closely with Elizabeth to pass a tenants’ rights ordinance. She was like a breath of fresh air--really on our side, willing to actually listen and to act on our needs. She is a genuine and caring person, and a great Council Member. (Let's make sure she gets reelected!)

Amir Fleischmann

Elizabeth Nelson has done right by her constituents, and especially for those who are often forgotten. Her support of renters in Ann Arbor is especially uplifting. I will certainly be voting for her!

Lucy Peterson

Elizabeth Nelson is an independent progressive Democrat who deeply informs herself on the issues, listens to her constituents, and makes up her own mind on issues and council actions. I want independent thinkers on Council who don't have an agenda that informs all of their actions and positions. Our world - even at the local level - is just too complicated for that kind of thinking.

I've been living in Ann Arbor for 30 years and I've never had a Council person work as hard as Elizabeth in keeping me informed. Before every Council meeting I get a lengthy detailed email from Elizabeth that keeps me informed and up to date on what's going on in City government and in Ann Arbor in general. The effort that she puts into this is remarkable, and it may well be the single most valuable resource Ann Arborites have for staying informed and involved.

Elizabeth Nelson's been in office since 2018 and she's made the effort to become one of the most informed people in our City on matters related to the Council's work. I feel like she's just rolling up her sleeves in terms of what she'll be able to accomplish during her tenure. So why hit the reset button? Elizabeth has the skills, knowledge, the work ethic, and the enthusiasm to give us stellar engaged representation for some time to come.
David Rossiter

A necessary requirement for any local representative is to be transparent and accessible. Elizabeth Nelson goes beyond the usual to make sure she provides that to the people she represents. She lets everyone know what she supports and why. I like the value she puts in making our community a better place to live for all.
Kevin McGuinness

Elizabeth has consistently represented Ward 4 on Council in an open and transparent manner. She’s very approachable and listens to our concerns.

Rochelle Igrisan

Elizabeth was extremely pro-active in helping answer our neighborhood association’s questions over the proposed Valhalla high-density development and listening to our concerns.  She is passionate about government transparency and devotes much time and effort to meeting with her Ward 4 constituents before every Council meeting as well as emailing us about upcoming agenda items.

Julie Fritz

Please consider this a full-throated endorsement of Elizabeth Nelson for re-election to Ann Arbor City Council. And here’s why: 

  1. She actually returns calls, texts and emails from her constituents! What a concept - a politician who responds!

  2. She values facts over pink unicorns and fairy tales. Most importantly, she tells you if she doesn’t know the answer to your question or concern, and then works diligently until she tracks down the requested information.

  3. She works on long term solutions to our city’s problems instead of simply rubber-stamping bandaids for political expediency.

  4. As an African-American, I find Elizabeth Nelson’s willingness to step outside her comfort zone and dive headfirst into the toxic miasma of racism still afflicting our city, a wondrous thing in a white city official. And she does so without resorting to racial tropes, singing verses from Kumbayah or retreating behind a wall of white fragility. This takes courage AND humility, neither of which appears in the least bit plentiful among city office holders.

  5. She listens in order to learn from those who do not look like her, think like her or live like her. 

Win or lose, I tip my ball cap to Elizabeth Nelson, who doesn’t shrink from “good trouble.”

April Campbell, MD


My husband and I moved here in 1990 when I took a job with The Ann Arbor News. I worked at our only daily local newspaper until its final day of publication back in July 2009. So I know what I’m talking about when I say that thanks to Elizabeth Nelson, we've never had a better source of information on what's going on in City Council.

On top of all the hard work that goes into being a responsible and effective representative, she writes a newsletter that keeps us in the loop on the nuts and bolts of City governance. This newsletter isn't in her job description. But she does it because she knows that open, responsive government doesn't work without informed citizens. It's a tangible expression of her commitment to transparency in the conduct of Council business. It's a statement of her belief that the voices of voters aren't an annoyance to be managed; they're an indispensable part of the democratic process.

This vital service for the Fourth Ward (and for everyone else in Ann Arbor) is one of many reasons why we want her to remain a member of the Ann Arbor City Council, and why we’re voting for her in the August 8 primary.
Domenica Trevor

I've had the pleasure to engage with Elizabeth over these last few years on both 4th ward issues as well as my involvement with trying to bring the Ann Arbor Treeline to life in our city. She has always listened carefully and responded thoughtfully to whatever issue I might bring to the table. Her weekly reports on the council meetings are concise, fair minded, and a testimony to a commitment to transparency in governance. If you read them, you will be informed. We've lived in the 4th Ward for over 30 years, and she is an exceptional representative whom I highly recommend.
David Barrett

Elizabeth has been a strong supporter for many issues that concern me deeply. Tenants rights, climate action, and responsive local government to name a few. She has consistently helped us stay informed through her newsletters and coffee hours, and is always available to answer questions and concerns. Elizabeth walks the talk.
Lauren Sargent

Elizabeth has shown an outstanding commitment to the goals of transparency and public involvement. Her regular newsletter clearly details what is being discussed at Council. Her post-meeting summaries let us know what actions have been taken and how each council member voted.  No one provided this before!  She provides regularly scheduled coffees and Zooms enable us to share our thoughts and concerns with her. This considerable effort demonstrates her outstanding public service and respect for her constituents. Take advantage of her passion and experience. You can’t do better!
 Wendy Carman

Elizabeth is one of the very best public servants this city has ever had. Her ambition as a member of our city council is simply to do whatever she can for the benefit of her fellow citizens. She studies issues thoroughly, votes independently, and insists that decisions should be made out in the open, with full public scrutiny, whenever possible. She listens carefully to her constituents and keeps them exceptionally well informed. She sets a standard for honesty, compassion, and hard work. Fourth Ward residents can do themselves and their city a great service by re-electing Elizabeth Nelson.

Charles D. Lewis

Elizabeth's regular Council newsletters and voting charts demonstrate her high level of transparency and support of residents that she brings to council.

Dianne Brainard

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