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from Council Member Elizabeth Nelson

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For each City Council meeting, I provide links to the agenda on the City's Legistar website, CTN's YouTube video of the meeting, and to my newsletters and voting charts. I write summaries of agenda items, along with Legistar links, articles I've written (highlighted purple), and articles published on MLive. Look for highlighted text to find votes on development, affordable housing, and the City's Sustainability and Innovations department.
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December 3, 2018

  • APPROVED: To improve transparency, when considering budget items that are the result of an RFP (Request for Proposal), Council will be provided with discussion of method, criteria and the number scores of all proposals received (and rank ordering), with explanation about the choice of contract. (Legistar)

  • APPROVED: To improve transparency, draft minutes for all boards, commissions, task forces and committees will be made available and published on Legistar (or any future system of publication) in a timely manner, consistent with MCL 15.269(3) (Legistar)

  • APPROVED: $72,000 contract with Shelter Association of Washtenaw County for 2018-19 Winter Emergency Shelter and Warming Center (Legistar)

  • APPROVED: $189,500 to remove and replace the boardwalk in Riverside Park along the Border to Border Trail that connects to the Argo Cascades (Riverside Park Boardwalk Replacement Project) (Legistar)

  • APPROVED: Re-location of the Fuller Road crosswalk is delayed in order to evaluate possible safety improvement options to improve the Fuller Road crosswalk at its current location. Recommendations and a report will be delivered in 180 days. (Legistar)

  • City Council Boards and Commissions Assignments

  • Additional Thoughts (Dec 2, 2018) - Deer Cull, Millage Rebate, Sidewalks