Elizabeth Nelson

Ann Arbor City Council

Ward 4


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General Election Winner

Ann Arbor City Council Ward 4

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Democratic Primary Winner

Ann Arbor City Council Ward 4

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Why City Council?

I ran for city council because I’ve been paying attention to the issues facing our city and how our leaders talk about them.  When I watch our city council, I notice who asks questions and who offers ideas and perspective.


Lately, I worry about how divisions and alliances on council have become a game of counting votes, rather than genuine and thorough discussion of issues.  As a community, we are mostly unified around a lot of the same values and I believe that our government should reflect that unity.  However, complex issues demand thoughtful and intellectually rigorous discussion.


I am interested in serving on City Council as an independent voice, asking the right questions that lead us to responsible choices.  We are a city of engaged citizens and our local government decisions should be informed, highly reasoned, and transparent to residents.

2018 Endorsements

Elizabeth Nelson and Christopher Taylor

Endorsed by Christopher Taylor

Mayor of Ann Arbor

Elizabeth Nelson and Jack Eaton

Endorsed by Jack Eaton

Council Member Ward 4

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Endorsed by the 12th Congressional District Democratic Party


Endorsed by the Washtenaw County Democratic Party

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Endorsed by the Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group, and the Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter


Endorsed by the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation

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Scored "Extremely Positive" by the Jim Toy Community Center

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We had the pleasure of living next to the Nelsons from 2007 - 2010. During that time and in the years since, we've found Elizabeth to be intelligent and passionate about a variety of issues affecting Ann Arbor. She is by nature an inquisitive person, and makes a point of gathering as much information as possible before forming an opinion. We believe she will make an excellent representative for the 4th Ward and will serve the city well.

Chris and Karma Nordstrom

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