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Ann Arbor Ward 4


City Council Newsletter

I write an email newsletter with my summary of agenda items coming before City Council, plus news and events of interest to Ann Arbor residents. I also include notices of events and construction projects that affect Ward 4.

I send my newsletter out the weekend before every Council meeting (and in advance of my coffee hours) so that you can see what’s on the agenda and have an opportunity to reach out to me with concerns. Later that weekend, I post my newsletter on this website.


The weekend after the meeting I send an "A2Council Update" newsletter with my voting charts and meeting summaries from A2Council.com.

PS: You don't have to be a Ward 4 resident to sign up for my newsletter - everybody is welcome! :-)

Donate To My Campaign

I will be running for Council in 2022 - and would really appreciate your generous support!

Elizabeth Nelson (she/her/hers)
Ann Arbor City Council Member Ward 4

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Coffee Hours

I hold coffee hours Sunday afternoons at 3pm before City Council meetings. Now that Industrial Highway is open in both directions, I have returned to RoosRoast at 1155 Rosewood. We will be outdoors on the lawn.


If you can, please bring a chair - RoosRoast has very limited outdoor seating for customers and they prefer that our meeting not occupy it! 

Sunday, Oct 31st  3pm

Roos Roast Coffee, 1155 Rosewood

City Council Meetings

City Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month at 7pm (with exceptions for holidays). During the COVID-19 crisis, Council Meetings are held via Zoom.

Monday Nov 1st  7pm

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Latest City Council Newsletter and Voting Chart

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